Cylinder‚ ballchain & wood‚ 14” x 120” x 14”‚ (hoist‚ 70” x 121” x2”).
Acoustic Helix‚ water pipe‚ ball bearings‚ contact mic & amplifier‚ 33” x 75” x 33”.  
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ARTIST STATEMENT Everyone creates, and all creativity comes from the same silent source. Art is the intentional application of creative acts for two purposes: to further the discovery of deeper self-knowledge‚ and to offer the byproduct of that process to others. An artwork is‚ in essence‚ a side-effect of one person's chosen activity for discovery. Each work may have some value in three domains: First‚ for the artist, the process of rendering an impulse of creative cognition in tangible form is a path to knowledge and a dance with pure absolute silence; this confers personal benefits in numerous ways. Second‚ for others, the artwork is an offering that may inform, entertain‚ or inspire — or it may only puzzle‚ titillate‚ or annoy. In any case‚ its value resides only in the personal response of its viewers. Third‚ for the artist‚ each work constitutes an exquisite and often mysteriously perfect preparation for the work that will come next. Thus each of the pieces shown here is a prototype for something greater or more polished yet to come. This show is a menagerie of ideas that have emerged far enough to prove themselves interesting — collectively they afford a glimpse into one person’s approach and sensibilities‚ a blueprint for future creations‚ and perhaps insights or directions of some interest to others. Allen June 14, 2017
Four Speakers, mixed media & digital sound‚ 82” x 78” x 20”.  
Ashtangakasha Distributor‚ mixed media, electronics‚ 30” x 44” x7”.  
Ashtangakasha Orb‚ mixed media & 8-channel digital sound‚ 22” x 59” x 22”.  
JCHC ER‚ giclée on art paper & styrene‚ 8” x 10”. 
Detail from: Micro-Installations‚ (5 clear cubes on an 8' shelf). five pieces: mixed media with found objects‚ 12” x 84” x 14”.
Kinetic Panel‚ (moving ballchain panel). Mixed media with ballchain‚ motor‚ & magnets‚ 24” x37” x 6”.
Teeple Studio Paintboard #3‚ giclée on art paper & styrene‚ 8” x 12”.
Signium‚ giclée on aluminum‚ 24” x 36”.
Teeple Trippytych‚ giclée on art paper & styrene‚ 20” x 10”.
Shades #7‚ giclée on art paper & styrene‚ 14”x 11”.
J-71 Not Dali‚ giclée on aluminum‚ 14” x 11”. 
UI Hospital #11‚ giclée on art paper & styrene‚ 20” x 16”.
Paul's Garage #29‚ giclée on art paper & styrene‚ 14” x 11”.
Industrial Panel‚ 80” x 24” x 5”.  
Attractors #31‚ giclée on aluminum, 36” x 12”.
Chrysanthema‚ giclée on aluminum‚ 24” x 36”.
Paul's Garage #35 with Geese‚ giclée on art paper & styrene‚ 14” x 11”.
Chaincramé, ballchain, gravity, 102” x 102” x 1”.
J-71‚ mixed media & stereoscopic digital image slide-fade with binaural digital sound‚ 32” x 28” x 24”.