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Four Fairfield Women at ICON Last September four Fairfield women artists showed their work at the Freeport Museum of Art in Freeport Illinois. ICON Director Bill Teeple has brought the exhibit titled Found in Translation to ICON Gallery so that the hometown audience can enjoy this delightful show. The show opens on Fairfield First Friday, February 2nd, 6:30 to 10:00pm, and continues through March 24th. The exhibition features Judy Bales, Suanna Breed, Ananda Kesler and Joanie McGinnis, all of whom create abstract works suggestive of the natural environment without literally depicting it. The title alludes to the translation of artistic media into new and surprising expressions. These women span multiple generations, ranging in age from 40 to 77. For each, the proclivity for introspection and a focus on spiritual growth is inextricably interwoven into her art, and each is inspired by associating with like minded artists.   The work evokes emotion and mystery. In the same way that music brings depth and richness to human experience without narrative, their abstract works, like a visual symphony, inspire viewers to connect with their own rich inner life and walk away feeling moved and uplifted.