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Two Major Shows open at ICON ICON launches its 2017 season on February 3rd with two major shows – The drawings and paintings of Sandi Wilson and Shiva Linga paintings from the David T. Hanson collection. The 1st Friday opening will be from 6:30 to 10:00pm. The exhibits runs through March 25th. Fairfield resident Sandra Riegle-Wilson is a treasure that has been sitting right under our noses for over a decade. A teacher of art for the Ottumwa Pubic Schools for 13 years, she has been painting on the side all that time creating a powerful body of work. She finally allowed Indian Hills College in Ottumwa to mount an exhibition. When ICON Director Bill Teeple saw the show he was blown away and arranged immediately to bring the work to Fairfield. “Sandi is a poet with a piece of charcoal or a brush,” says ICON Director Bill Teeple.  “She reduces information down to essence and then delivers in the simplest way a primal portrait of the inner soul of the artist and the viewer.” Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings -The Cloud of Unknowing, An exhibition organized by David T. Hanson will be featured on the ICON mezzanine. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Hudson, founder and director of the New York art gallery Feature Inc. Three years ago David Hanson had been working with Hudson on an exhibition for ICON of Hudson’s collection of 71 Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings. Sadly, the show had to be cancelled just before it’s opening due to Hudson’s unexpected death.  Last year David learned that some of Hudson’s Shiva Linga paintings were to be sold. He was fortunate to have first choice from the series and to acquire a beautiful group of the paintings. Seven of these paintings were exhibited at the prestigious Venice Biennale of 2013. The Shiva Linga is an abstract or aniconic representation of the Vedic god Shiva as an eternal cosmic pillar of fire, the first and final form of all creation. For this installation, David has included a few photographs of Shiva temples in India from his extended series The Cloud of Unknowing (1998-2011). The exhibition also includes a video that we created of Hudson’s 71 Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings, displayed on a monitor in continuous loop accompanied by the traditional Vedic chanting of the 1,000 names of Shiva. The Art of Sandy Riegel-Wilson Exhibit David T. Hanson Exhibits, Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings -The Cloud of Unknowing To Opening Night…                                    
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