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Charlotte Cain Retrospective at ICON ICON Gallery is devoting September and October to the celebration of the life of Charlotte Cain with a retrospective exhibit. The exhibit runs through October 22nd. “We lost our dear Charlotte last year. I can’t begin to express what an important force she was in the Fairfield art scene,” says ICON Director Bill Teeple. “It has been our desire since she passed to honor her life as an artist with an exhibit at ICON, but she was not only a great artist; she was an amazing human being and we want to honor that fact during these months.” Charlotte founded, with her husband Michael, the School of Art at MUM. She has an international reputation for her unique gouache paintings. She was an inspiring teacher and an inspiration to all artists. The exhibition touches on all the major periods of her career. Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design she has been interested in abstraction and pattern. This led to an important series of hangings done with a knitting machine. She also was inspired by pattern in nature. Nature forms moved in and out of her work throughout her career. In the last 15 years of her life she found her groove doing Indian inspired gouache watercolor paintings on antique paper after working with one of the greatest living masters of Indian miniature painting. This master’s principal transmission to Charlotte was the practice of meditative brushwork. Her work integrates western abstraction with Asian spiritual sensibilities. “My paintings are places where I re-enact forms encountered in life to express devotion to all of life,” says Charlotte in her artist statement. “While traveling or at home, as well as in meditation and dreams, inspirations arise from human-made or natural forms that resonate intuitively. Much of my traveling has been in the United States but I have spent more than a decade gathering inspirations in India and recently Peru. At home, I find inspiration in folk and fine artworks and in nature.  Meditation is an inseparable part of living, like breathing, while visions in dreams are sublime gifts.” Opening Night …  Current Exhibit … Notes from Michael Cain …                                    
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Details from images from 2014 Auction.