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March, April, May, 2015 Gyan Shrosbree & Joey Faurso Interview with Gyan at: March and April, 2015 Bill’s Room: Tony D’Orr May and June, 2015 Bill’s Room: Joanie McGinnis June, July, August, 2015 Robin Jebavy October, November, December, 2015 Bill’s Soup January, 2016 Gallery will be closed February, 2016 Experimental Film Shorts March, April, May, 2016 Allen Cobb Retroprospective
IOWA CONTEMPORARY ART   |   58 North Main Street, Fairfield, IA 52556   |   641-469-6252   |   |  GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday  Friday, 12:00 to 4:00pm, Saturday, 1:00 to 4:00pm and by appointment. ICON is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit educational charity. All donations are tax-deductible.
ICON THURSDAY Video 8:00PM, February 19 Refreshments 7:30 PBS Documentary on the making of Mount Rushmore. ICON THURSDAY Video 8:00PM, February 26 Refreshments 7:30 Vivian Maier: Photographer. NO ICON THURSDAY March 5 We are working on hanging the show opening March 6. 1st FRIDAY ARTWALK 6:30 – 10:00PM Friday, March 6 Main Gallery: Gyan Shrosbree and Joey Fauerso Bill’s Room: Toni Dorr ICON THURSDAY Video 8:00PM, March 12 Refreshments 7:30 Black Mountain College: Fully Awake. ICON THURSDAY Video 8:00PM, March 19 Refreshments 7:30 PBS American Masters Documentary, Martha Graham. ICON THURSDAY Video 8:00PM, March 26 Refreshments 7:30 Windsor McKay. ICON THURSDAY Video 8:00PM, April 2 Refreshments 7:30 ICON Short Night, An eclectic mix of  shorts selected by Bill Teeple. ICON THURSDAY Video 8:00PM, April 9 Refreshments 7:30 Women Art Revolution.      
Carolyn Waksman Photography Workshop Show  Photographic work by graduates of Carolyn Waksman’s Photography Workshops will be on view January 23rd through February 21st at ICON Gallery. The show titled “The Artist Within Us” will be a highlight of the photography themed Art Walk, February 6th.  A reception and exhibit walk-through will be held at the gallery on Thursday, February 12th, 7:30pm. Waksman taught photography for 12 years at the Maharishi Upper School. She has offered courses for adults through Teeple Creative Arts Institute since 2008. Waksman students have garnered 200 International, National and State awards. The title refers to Waksman’s mission as a teacher. “My purpose for teaching,” she says, “is to awaken the artist within each person through photography. I feel that anyone can become a photographer if she/he would like to do so. I enjoy helping them learn about the camera controls so they can capture what they see. I enjoy taking them through the whole process from beginning to end – image making.” Most of the photographers in the show came to the five session Waksman Workshop with a new camera and knowing nothing, and most of them have come back for many workshops because they found they love photography. They have developed their own styles and have developed their refinement of image making over the years. “The photographs are top notch,” comments Waksman. “Everything is in place – the refinement is there.” Gallery Director Bill Teeple states, “I am very impressed by the creativity, diversity and professional quality displayed in this work. Carolyn is a master photography teacher, but more than that, she creates an inspired group consciousness. I want to share the achievements of this special group with everyone through this show at ICON Gallery.” Artists in the show: Judy Bales, Lenora Boyle, Ananda Burke, Jeffery Cohen, Nicki Collins, Care Connet, Manuel Coradin, Andy Cozzens, Diane Davis, Randy Dillon, Di Fenwick, Jaren Fleischman, Denise Gallagher, Suzie Gautherat, Leslee Goldstein, Moira Haines, Eva Hall, Steve Hall, Hal Masover, Kristiane Noergaard, Dori Rector, Jim Richardson, Bonnie Rosen, Tara Schmid, Paul Slowick, Patti Steurer, Richard Trice, Sandy Watsey. To see more images...